Heart-Centered Sound Bath Event with Jude Kastle (Fridays 7-8p)

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This Heart-Centered Sound Bath Event is for those seeking lifestyle of heart-centered living on a journey toward consciousness & enlightenment.  In this relaxing, peaceful, heart-centering, 1 Hour Sound Bath event, we will focus on the experience of sound, energy healing, & heart-centering that promotes a life experienced with Loving presence & an Open Heart.

Jude Kastle will be your Sound Bath facilitator, using Tibetan & Crystal Bowls, Gongs, Chimes, & Meditation Vibes infused with Love!!!  In this group sound experience, Jude plays Tibetan & Crystal Bowls, Gongs, & Chimes in an Uplifting way. Using high quality, tuned instruments, Jude plays beautiful, integrative sound to take you on a journey of uplifting self-exploration & personal discovery.

What to expect when attending the Heart-Centered Sound Bath Event:

  • Calming, Peacefulness, & Relaxation
  • Heart-Centering & Energy Clearing
  • Experience Energetic Loving Presence
  • Beautiful Sound & Vibes

If you're considered attending this life enhancing event, Now is the time to register..  you will be sooooo grateful you did!

Join us for an experience you can only get at the Matrix Energy Healing Center, where you will receive the uplifting energy from the combination of the amazing healing space, loving/amazing teachers, & instruction with the highest integrity, that provides the perfect opportunity for your highest learning.

This event is experienced lying down on the floor. For your personal comfort, we ask you to bring your own cushioning for lying on the hard floor. This cushioning could be a thick blanket, yoga mat, rubber mat, beach towel, etc. We also ask you to bring your own eye mask and/or small towel to lay over your eyes to promote a deeper meditation, plus a knee bolster or pillow to place under your knees which alleviates back stress, and a pillow for your head. We do not provide cushioning, pillows, eye masks, or bolsters for health & safety reasons. NO drinks, food or snacks will be allowed in the room except bottled water with sport caps. You may bring your own or we will have 16 oz. bottles of Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water available for purchase ($1 each).  Please do not wear any perfume or other scented products... this is so important!

Items to bring:

  • Floor cushion like a thick blanket
  • Small towel or eye mask
  • Knee bolster or rolled up towel for under the knees
  • Pillow for your head
  • Water with sport cap (bring your own, or we sell these at the shop for $1)

Clothing & shoes are required. Wear something comfortable for lying down, like yoga pants or sweat pants, & bring a light sweater, hoodie, or throw that you can use if you become chilled in our space. You may wear shoes, but would probably be more comfortable in socks or slippers.

Attendees will be asked to stay lying down in the meditation position for the entire session, so not to disturb others. This means no restroom breaks once we start the session and no leaving early.  Also, all cell phones must be turned off completely. Recording this event is strictly prohibited.

This is a one hour event offered in the evening from 7p-8p. Must preregister online to receive the discount price, only if discount is available. Seating is limited to a small group to maximize the experience, as space allows. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early, as we will lock the doors at starting time with no late admittance. Also, there may be no early departures as it would disturb the experience of all participants. 

Facilitator: Jude Kastle
Dates: Select a date from options available

Arrival Time: 6:45pm (doors will be locked with no admittance after 7pm)
Event Time:
Fridays, 7:00pm to 8:00pm (may go over slightly, up to 8:15pm)

Matrix Energy Healing Center
2219 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Suite 102
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
Registration: Online or in the shop. Thank you!

Note: This class is offered for education & entertainment only. Jude Kastle, Matrix Energy Healing Center & Elizabeth Oberly are not financial advisors, attorneys, doctors, psychiatrists, medical professionals, or the like, and as such, do not advise or recommend going against or interfering with your professional service advisors or medical professionals. We do not diagnose, advise, or prescribe for financial, legal, medical or psychological health.

Thank you!

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