Natural Gemstone Stretch Bracelet - 8mm Happiness Collection

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The Happiness Collection bracelets are made with beautiful, pastel, All Natural Gemstones that include  Angelite, Green Aventurine, Yellow Jade, & Orange Aventurine. 

Angelite is formed from Celestite that has been compressed for millions of years. Angelite heightens awareness with a special focus on peace & brotherhood. Angelite provides protection for the environment around the body. Angelite is excellent for Angelic communication, as well as communicating from the heart with others. Use Angelite in meditation to lift your vibration. Angelite is associated with the throat or 5th Chakra.


Green Aventurine is a micro-crystaline Quartz, is commonly known for its properties of good luck, opportunity, & associated with the Heart or 4th Chakra. Aventurine reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness, & promotes compassion, & empathy.

Yellow Jade promotes an energetic & cheerful disposition. Yellow Jade is a stone of assimilation for taking in information with greater understanding. Yellow Jade also promotes discernment and is associated with the Solar Plexus or 3rd Chakra.

Orange Aventurine is an all around healer for bringing joy into one's life. Orange Aventurine is associated with the Sacral or 2nd Chakra, assisting with clearing creative blocks and healing sexual trauma. Orange Aventurine supports one to become independent & unique. Orange Aventurine stimulates creativity & enhances personal power.

Our Artisan Hand Made Bracelets Are Made with Love!!!  beatingheart16x16.gif beatingheart16x16.gif beatingheart16x16.gif beatingheart16x16.gif beatingheart16x16.gif

  • You will receive one, single bead strand, stretch bracelet
  • Multiple Sizes Available to Choose from!
  • You Choose the Snugness Fit!
  • Made with Beautiful, All Natural Crystals & Gemstones!
  • Made with Hand Selected, High Quality, AAA, Crystals & Gemstones!
  • Our Bracelets Have Wonderful, Vibrant Energy!
  • Made with clear, strong stretch cord!

Ordering Instructions:

Please provide your exact measured wrist size & your stretch bracelet "snugness" preference above.

Click here for instructions "How to Size Your Wrist for Ordering a Bracelet".

Please note, we do not offer returns or exchanges on these items.

Care of bracelets:

  • Do not overstretch when wearing, only stretch over hand for wearing
  • May break if you drop or bump into hard surface (tile floor, cement, etc.)
  • Some stones may fade in sunlight (amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, etc.)
  • Cleansing most stones: Rinse with room temp water & full dry
  • Alternate cleansing with sage or selenite

Our customers Love these bracelets & we are confident you will Love yours too!!! beatingheart16x16.gif beatingheart16x16.gif beatingheart16x16.gif beatingheart16x16.gif beatingheart16x16.gif

Thank you!

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