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Overcome Depression & Sadness
Immediately Begin Living the Life of Your Dreams!

By Elizabeth Oberly

Prerequisites:  None
Note: This workshop will become available in 2020... watch our emails for the release announcements.
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Learn the insightful and proven method
to Overcome Depression & Sadness
that lifted this working mother out
of her 38 year depression forever!


If You Could Begin Changing Your Life Today, What Are You Waiting For???


Hello! My name is Elizabeth Oberly.

I was depressed all of my childhood, my youth, especially my teen years, and all of my young adult years... and I didn't even know it. Then one day at the age of thirty-eight, I finally realized how deeply depressed I really was, and I knew I just couldn't keep living the way I had been, in sadness, hopelessness and despair.


So, I spent the next three years of my life super focused on changing my life and finding happiness. But, it wasn't until after I had spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on therapy, books, workshops, and other solutions that DIDN’T work in order to find the ones that DID.


Now I've created this program to share my results with you, to inspire you and provide you with valuable insights so you don’t have to spend your valuable time and money making the same mistakes I did. For me, there was nothing worse than being super down and out with depression, then finding something that gave me hope to make real changes in my life, only to be deeply disappointed after trying it and falling right back into my depression.


While I can't promise that you'll have the very same experience that I did, I CAN tell you that everything I did to rid my depression by itself wasn’t enough. It was the combination of specific activities that I describe to you in great detail in this program AND my own hard- headed persistence that got me the results I have today.


You see, I had a vision about how my life should be filled with happiness and I wasn't willing to settle for anything less. In just 3 Easy Steps, I learned how to lift my depression and live my life in happiness, and now you can too!

Kind Regards,


 elizabeth with depression at age 2 elizabeth with depression at age 8 elizabeth with depression at age 18 elizabeth with depression at age 38


Over 18 Million People Suffer From Depression

Lots and lots of people are depressed. In fact, over 18 Million people in the United States, suffer from depression every year. In the state of California alone, there are more than 2 million people with depression.

There are even studies that indicate as many as 25% of women, and half as many men are in a state of depression, but the numbers may be higher, because many folks are just like I was, and don't even know they are depressed. And let's don't forget to include all those people who say they’re ok or pretend to be ok when they’re not.



"The ideas presented in this program

are so powerfully life-changing,

you can immediately start seeing changes...

in the way you feel, the way you think,

and the way you view the world."


What Are the Symptoms of Depression?


When people are depressed, they don't function normally, they don't experience life as enjoyable, and they don't have a sense of how important they are to others. People who are depressed experience life with a sense of struggle, hopelessness, and continuous sadness. This means that for someone who is depressed, their self-esteem is much lower than it could be, so their life experience isn't as powerful as it could be either. And the most important reason is, that if you're depressed, you're not experiencing joy and happiness!

Symptoms of Depression include self-destructive behavior, flatness in attitude, aloof and distant, glazed-over eyes, very emotional and they might break down and cry often, or they’re very angry and negative. When someone is depressed, there is something about them that is missing like the ‘spark’ of joy in their voice, that 'twinkle' in their eyes, or the 'radiance' of their presence.

Once I learned about the symptoms of depression, I began to recognize them in myself and others. People who are depressed not only FEEL sad, they LOOK sad and they SOUND sad too!


Even if you think you can, you can't hide depression.


WHY should you Overcome Depression?
Well, here's why...


Why Overcome Depression?

It's important to overcome your depression because depression affects every aspect of your life! Depression and sadness will cloud your perception, your judgment, your attitude, your decisions, and your ambition toward everything. When you're depressed, life seems like really hard work and kind of dull.


But, when you overcome your depression, your self-esteem is higher, plus you automatically have a sense of power and the ability to learn how to become effective in your life. And as you become more effective in whatever you do, you'll become more masterful and then life becomes more pleasurable, enjoyable, and something to look forward to


There are many benefits to Overcome Depression, including:

  • You'll lose those feelings of hopelessness, sadness, dread, and overwhelm
  • You'll increase your self-esteem, sense of power, and effectiveness
  • You'll experience life as more enjoyable and fulfilling
  • You'll look forward to each new day and all the pleasures that life offers
  • You'll feel more connected to others and more engaged in your life
  • You'll experience higher levels of success in everything you do
  • You'll continue to experience your emotions, but emotions won't run your life
  • Your attitude toward everything will become more positive and uplifting
  • Other people will want to be around you more and enjoy your company
  • More opportunities will come your way because other people are drawn to you

"Changing your belief system is CRITICAL
in order to Overcome Depression"

thoughts of depression can lead to suicide

change your thoughts to lift your depression

Ben Franklin

Thomas Edison


Learn The Philosophy of Change from the Masters

Ben Franklin once said that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again, and to expect different results. Like repeating a failed experiment over and over again without changing any of the parameters and using the same ingredients, but expecting a new outcome. It won’t happen! Doing the same thing over and over the same way with the same ingredients will produce the same results.

And I think we all know who Thomas Edison is, a very well known American inventor with over 1000 U.S. patents in his name. It took Thomas Edison over 10,000 failed experiments with different variations to develop his numerous inventions which included the electric vote recorder, electric power distribution system, light bulbs, and the phonograph. Wow, over 10,000 failed experiments…that’s like trying one new idea every day in a row for over 27 years...that’s a lot of new ideas!

But Thomas Edison was quoted regarding his failed experiments, that he didn’t see them as failures at all! He saw them as discovering 10,000 ways that his ideas didn’t work, so he would continue to move onto the next idea until he found the ones that did. And if he would’ve repeated the same experiment over and over using the same parameters, he wouldn't have been successful. Sure, someone else may have discovered an electrical distribution system in later years, but for sure the world would not be the same as it is today. The timing of all the inventions that came later would not have occurred when they did, if at all.

Because of the availability of electricity, the inventors in later years may not have had all the resources they needed to put their great minds at work inventing things like microwave ovens, cell phones, and PCs. And what about the timing of the Industrial Age and mass production. Would Henry Ford, a dear friend of Mr. Edison, have been able to develop the assembly line? Probably NOT! History was changed forever by the persistence of this one person to keep looking for the ideas that worked, and without it, nothing would be the same.

The same concept works for our ideas, thoughts, and beliefs…yours and mine… and it works like this... If I hold a certain belief about someone or something or myself, and if I never allow myself to change my mind about it or the person, then I’ll continue to make decisions based on that same belief system or same perspective that will take me to the same result. And NO ONE can change your thinking and behavior, but YOU!

So changing your belief system is CRITICAL in order to Overcome Depression and Sadness, but to do this, you have to learn new ideas that aren't your own... because if YOUR ideas were already working, you wouldn't be depressed!


People don't know what they don't know!

And when people don't know something, they
often go to others or "experts" to make important decisions
about their personal well-being for them or in some cases,
they don't do anything at all.

What you "need to know" is that your decision

IS key to your Success and Happiness.


"Overcome Depression and Sadness in 3 Easy Steps"
shows you how to develop your own decision "Power"
to not only Overcome Depression and Sadness,
but to also create a life filled with Success and Happiness .


 Experience Immediate Results

You can begin seeing changes occur in your life immediately , as soon as you apply the new ideas to your thinking and behavior. You will see amazing results every day when you are practicing the new ideas, because they work! And it works because of the Philosophy of Change... when you apply new ideas to your life, it's like making changes to an experiment where you keep making changes until you get the results you want!

Perhaps the most magical and exciting part of this process is that you'll start seeing the changes in your life as soon as you make them because when you make purposeful changes and you're paying close attention to the affects, you'll start to recognize every detail of how your decisions affect you, you'll start to feel the depression liftingand you'll start looking forward to each new day and each new experiment.


Why Am I Qualified to Offer This Program?

Well, I've already shared with you that I was depressed for over 38 years of my life... I've had many years of experience with being depressed, so I'm very qualified in that area! Plus, I'm not like one of those therapists, writers or educators that have never been seriously depressed, but tell you what to do even though they don't have a clue what they are talking about except for what they read or learned in a classroom. And just like Thomas Edison, while I was learning thousands of ways how not to overcome depression, eventually I learned the right combination of skills, ideas, and activities that finally led me to end my depression once and forever.

Then, for the rest of my qualifications, the results speak for themselves. I am no longer depressed and I have an enormously wonderful outlook on life, relationships, and the ability to create the life of my dreams. I also have a Masters Degree in Psychology, over 25 years of Project Management, over 25 years experience mentoring others, I'm a crisis hotline advocate, and I've been teaching self-development classes for over 15 years that include most of the principles covered in this program to clients who are achieving amazing life-changing results!


There is only one program
like this in the entire universe!!!


depression exists everywhere in the world.


If Overcoming Depression and
Creating the Life of Your Dreams
is just a Click away,
what are you waiting for?


elizabeth oberly with depression at age 5



Kind Regards,
Elizabeth Oberly

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