Radiant Vibrant Celestial Sun Framed Art Print 8.5" x 8.5"

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This beautiful Art Print is Radiant, Vibrant, & Inspirational. The Radiant Vibrant Celestial Sun is 8.5" Height by 8.5" Width, with a custom made white matte and gloss metal frame with protective glass.

The Healing Art of Elizabeth Oberly is beautiful, colorful, nature inspired, & uplifting. These vibrant & energetic pieces are a wonderful addition for any home, office, or environment for healing, meditation, or peaceful living.

These amazing works of art make great gifts for family, friends, and art collectors. The Healing Art of Elizabeth Oberly is offered as framed art prints, photography art, exquisitely imaged 11oz. mugs, & other mediums. These items are available for sale at the Matrix Energy Healing Center in Thousand Oaks, CA, online at www.matrixenergyhealing.com. 

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