Sound Bath Certification Level 1 Online Workshop

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Prerequisite: None

Note: You do NOT need to purchase sound bath instruments prior to this workshop. We will provide instruments in class for learning & practice, as well as provide recommendations for what to buy, so you don't waste your time & money buying the wrong instruments. If you already have instruments, please do NOT bring them to the workshop.

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This 16+ Hour instructional & experiential online workshop for learning about the instruments of sound baths and to prepare you for providing performance level sound baths as a certified, skilled, knowledgeable Sound Bath Practitioner (practitioner certification requires Level 2 completion & certification testing).

We will take a journey through the origins of sound healing and the modern application of sound healing instruments. Sound healing requires producing harmonic healing sound which affects people as energetic beings in a healing and uplifting way.

We accomplish this by learning about the physics of sound, the human energy being, and showing you how to apply the ancient wisdom of sound healing with sound bath instruments.

If you are interested in becoming a certified sound bath practitioner, there are essential skills and training that you must have, including how to select & care for the sound bath instruments, how to create healing & harmonic frequency , and self care practices.

When you complete this course, the skills and knowledge you will have includes:

* The origins of sound baths
* Types of sound bath healing
* Types of sound bath instruments
* What is energy
* Physics of sound & frequency
* Listening for harmonics
* Discerning for resonance & dissonance
* Introduction to solfeggios
* How sound heals
* Body mechanics, self-care, & personal energetics
* Basic human anatomy & energy field clearing
* Anatomy of bowls & gongs
* How to play singing bowls
* How to play gongs
* Bowl & gong maintenance
* Tools for measuring sound
* Sound safety
* Experience a full variety of singing bowls (Crystal, Tibetan, Metal)
* Acclimating to frequency
* Maintaining integrity & ethics in your practice
* Feeling & experiencing sound
* Lots of hands on training & experiential time
* Completion certificate

Completion of this Level 1 course is prerequisite for Sound Bath Practitioner Certification Level 2, which is where you will learn advanced techniques & skills, plus how to set up a practice. This Level 1 course is also necessary preparation for being able to perform a full 45 minute sound bath for others.

Following the workshop, you will be assigned daily homework to practice playing your sound instrument(s) in order to acclimate you for being able to perform a sound bath at long duration without ill effect. It will be essential for you to make time to practice to build up your performance stamina, if you plan to continue with the Level 2 Certification.

When you complete this Level 1 two day workshop, you will not only receive a workshop completion certificate, you will have tools for self-healing to begin your journey toward uplifting & healing service for your community as a Sound Bath Practitioner (practitioner certification requires Level 2 completion & certification testing).

Must register online to receive the discount price, only if discount is available. Must complete the full workshop to receive certification.


Facilitated by: Golden Heart University
Dates & Time: Online, available 24/7
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