Sound Bath Certification Level 2 Online Workshop

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This product may not be available until approximately December 1, 2020 (or sooner). With the passing of my mother & Covid this year, please accept my apologies for the delays in the release of this workshop.

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Prerequisite: Sound Bath Practitioner Certification Level 1

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This workshop focuses on the instruction provided, along with experiential learning gained through following the practice instructions. The online instruction provides advanced training for designing a sound bath, skills for playing multiple instruments, and additional preparation that includes setting up a practice, working with clients, and setting up events.

When you complete this course, the skills and knowledge you will have includes:

* Level 1 Review
* Creating Sound Experiences for a Sound Bath
* Playing Bowls in a Sound Bath
* Playing Gongs in a Sound Bath
* About Sound Bath Design
* Design Your Own Sound Bath
* Client Support
* Creating A Practice
* Setting Up A Space
* Practice Instructions & Guide
* Course Completion Certificate

Practice Makes Mastery

Sound bath practitioners must continue practicing with their sound instruments in order to attune their whole being to be able to perform a sound bath at long duration without ill effect.
It will be essential for you to make time to practice in order to build up your performance stamina.

We highly recommend establishing a positive mindset for success by making a commitment to practice & take the safety and design instruction that we provide seriously. 

In addition, the more you practice, the more acquainted with your sound instruments you will become. 

Sound Bath Practitioner Certification Application Process

To receive the Sound Bath Practitioner Certification, you will be required to practice for proficiency & design your own 45 minute sound bath. When you are ready, you may complete the online certification package.

Requirements to receive the Sound Bath Practitioner Certificate include passing a final exam & make a video of yourself performing the key aspects of a sound bath with proficiency. 

To support you in successful certification, the Sound Bath Practitioner Certification Application Package includes:

Performance video checklist. This is a downloadable checklist complete with details for guiding you in what to include in the final video submission.
* Practice exam. This is an online practice exam that you may take unlimited times to prepare you for the final.
* Final exam. This is the final exam of the safety & performance topics.
* Readiness video evaluationOnce you are performance ready, you may video yourself completing everything on the performance video checklist. This is an opportunity to submit your video & receive feedback from the instructor about what you're doing well & what needs improvement (sound, technique, & overall performance). If you pass all the items in the checklist in this practice video, the practice video will receive full credit as your final video submission. One practice evaluation is provided per package, however, additional evaluation submissions may be purchased, as needed.
* Final video submission. This is the final video submission for evaluation of your readiness for live performance. Once you've made all the improvements suggested in the readiness video evaluation, you can submit your final video with confidence!

Official Sound Bath Practitioner Certification
The certification application & evaluation process is provided for your safety & for the safety of your clients, as well as an opportunity to increase the probability of your success as a Sound Bath Practitioner. 

Once your readiness is established by passing the final exam & receiving performance approval, you will receive your official Sound Bath Practitioner Certification, demonstrating your ability to deliver professional, high quality performance level sound baths!

Must preregister online to receive the discount price, only if discount is available. Must complete the full workshop to receive certification.

Facilitated by: Golden Heart University
Dates & Times: Online access available 24/7
Registration: Online or in the shop.


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