What Is Matrix Energy Healing?


What is Matrix Energy Healing?

The science of Quantum Physics states that all things are made up of patterns of light & information that interact with each other, including our thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. Then
when new information is introduced to an existing pattern of light & information, the pattern must change. It's like adding chocolate syrup to vanilla ice cream, the flavor changes.

The same holds true for the ingredients of our lives - when you introduce something new (whether good or bad),
the result is change. Since most of us look forward to good changes, it seems that the bad changes (injury, trauma, divorce, addictions, depression, and other unpleasant experiences), are the ones we'd like to live without, improve, or at least heal,learn from & move on as soon as possible.

In any case, all the experiences have an affect on our bodies,field, thoughts, and beliefs. And when we try to suppress, ignore, or avoid completely dealing with the changes we don't like, they can get stuck or seem like they replay over and over in our lives.

If this happens and we become aware of it because of pain, body stiffness, depression, repeated behaviors, stuck from moving forward, unable to manifest, etc., we can make a choice to change the patterns having the unwanted affect on us. The problem is, that doing it by ourselves can be extremely difficult. Afterall, if we could do it ourselves, we'd probably have made the change by now!

Matrix Energy Healing is the practice of using the teachings of quantum physics, intuition & clairvoyance, to access new information and then introduce it to the clients body & field in order to create changes. The types of pattern changes that may occur include physical, mental, & emotional issues.

Benefits of Matrix Energy Healing:

* Reduce or eliminate pain
* Increases energy & clarity
* Reduction in time to heal
* Can be applied to anything
* Clear unwanted & stuck energy patterns for better results and improved life experiences




My name is Elizabeth Oberly, MA, Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner. Please check out the inspiration link for healing stories & other stuff.
Click here to learn more & request an appointment. Wait time for appointment varies & based upon availability, 0-2 weeks (advance payment is required to hold an appointment). Big Love, Elizabeth

How can it help?

Matrix Energy Healing can be applied to anything and everything that isn't working for you. Anything from health to career, emotional distress, pets, comfort, mental clarity, and athletes. Regardless of your age, gender, career, or anything else, Matrix Energy Healing can create change for you or someone you care about. You don't even need to be in person or you can be a surrogate for assisting someone else. How? Because its all about changing patterns of light & information, so
there are no limitations with Matrix on how to apply it, there is only transformation, healing, & change.


We are all made up of patterns of light & information...
What makes us unique are what choices we make & how we use the resources of our body, mind, & soul to live our lives.

Elizabeth uses quantum physics, ancient healing techniques, divine guidance, your body wisdom & her intuition to guide her in applying gentle touch & other movements which introduce change & new possibilities in order to release to those stuck patterns of energy in your field & body. In most cases, once those patterns are changed, they are changed for good (no specific guarantees – session experiences, results, & content vary with each person).

What do you have to lose?

Join Elizabeth for a Matrix Energy Healing session to release unwanted stuck energy in your field & body and feel better. You’ll be so glad you did!






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